Make a habit of it.

Habitualist is a great way of tracking the things you want to do on a regular basis, the things you want to turn into habits.

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“With help from Habitualist I am one month into a successful exercise regimen; thanks for a very slick, very useful site.”
Ryan Kelly

People are using Habitualist to track:

  • regular fitness activities
  • things to avoid (e.g. smoking)
  • business projects
  • social media interaction
  • reading books
  • contributing to open source
  • staying in touch with people
  • battery or filter replacements

and much more!

Set up your recurring tasks and Habitualist will prioritize your next actions based on your targets and how you’ve been doing.

Unlike most todo apps, Habitualist can handle variably-recurring tasks like “floss two times a day”, “blog every 2-4 days”, “workout 3 times a week”.

Check off when you do things and track your progress over time. Try to beat your streaks and grow your HabitScoreā„¢.

Habitualist can send reminders via email or Twitter direct message. Reminders are customizable down to the individual action.