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Tracking Less Frequent Tasks

April 18, 2012 by James Tauber

While the primary purpose of Habitualist is to help you track the actions you want to take to build habits, it’s also a great tool for remembering to perform tasks that only need to be done every few months.

I bought a water filter for my tap (or faucet for you Americans) a little while ago and the filter needs to be replaced roughly every three months. The phrase roughly every three months makes it a prime candidate for Habitualist. I don't need it done on a specific date, I just want to start to be told (at low priority) after maybe 10 weeks and have the priority increase unti it's overdue around 13 weeks. So, I've set up my action to "replace the water filter every 10-13 weeks". The same things talked about with days vs weeks in When A Week is Not Seven Days apply to weeks vs months as well.

Other great examples of less frequent, fuzzy recurring tasks to consider habitualist for include:

  • getting a car service or state inspection
  • replacing batteries
  • getting a medical checkup
  • reviewing your investment portfolio

Habitualist is also great for tracking a goal like "read 20 books every year" or "attend 3 conferences every year" (we added years as units of frequency at the request of a beta tester for just this purpose!)

So much more to come, but in the mean time, we want you to get the most out of what's already available in Habitualist.

Habitualist is a great way of tracking the things you want to do on a regular basis, the things you want to turn into habits.

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