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Improved Streaks Display

June 19, 2012 by James Tauber

We recently improved the way streaks are displayed in Habitualist.

Firstly, we've introduced the notion of negative streaks. If you've missed doing an action when you should have, we'll now show how many times in a row you've missed it, as a negative number, instead of just showing 0.

Secondly, you no longer need to go to the individual page for an action to see your streak. There is a handy toggle on your dashboard which lets you set streaks as the default to display instead of priority.

When you select streak, the left hand site of your action list will look something like:

showing both positive and negative streaks.

You'll also notice "HabitScore" appearing in a number of places. We'll talk more about that shortly.

Habitualist is a great way of tracking the things you want to do on a regular basis, the things you want to turn into habits.

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